Chinese Lantern Displays

Lanterns appear regularly in many traditional Chinese festivals and celebrations as a symbol of luck and hope. Our artists will bring over 50 stunning lantern exhibits to this event and make it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Dinosaur Alive

Take a step back in time and imagine what life would have been like in the Jurassic ages! Wander around our massive animatronic dinosaur display and marvel in their life like appearance!


Enjoy a variety of performances including Chinese acrobatics, Chinese Kongfu, Sichuan Opera Face Changing (Bian Lian), fire breathing, plate spinning, kicking bowls, Chinese folk dances and more. The professional performers travel all the way from the Sister City Chengdu to Winnipeg and have dedicated tens of thousands of hours of practicing to be able to deliver shows like the one we have in the festival.

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The Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure

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Culture, Experience & Entertainment

With over 50 artisans visiting from China, you’ll be sure to find some treasures to remind you of this incredible cultural experience. They will be demonstrating their creations with many of the techniques used having been passed down from generation to generation.


Make sure you come hungry! We have invited your favorite local food trucks and top chefs from Chengdu China, who will serve you all kinds of delicious food to satisfy each of your taste buds. There will be a beer garden as well for you to relax and hangout with friends.